Decorative Lights

Every moment of light and dark is a miracle. And, we make sure that whenever it’s about light, the magic does happen!

We at NLDK offer some of the most renowned international brands known to provide world class lighting solutions.


"Light is matter of balance between atmosphere and functionality" is how Penta look at lights. Their lamps are a fusion of architectonical essentials and timeless elegance. Their products feature the best merger of materials with different characteristics like blown glass, wood, metal, and fabrics.

La Murrina

Floor lamps, wall sconces, hanging fixtures, custom grand chandeliers, they have them all. Whatever be your lighting requirement, la Murrina has a class-apart solution available for it. You could opt for traditional or classic, chic or contemporary, based on your taste and sensibilities.

So, you know that when you are coming to us looking for a lighting masterpieces, you would get the best in industry!