Floors for us are not mere surfaces to walk on… they must reflect style, elegance, and aesthetic sensibility.

Floors have come a long way from the initial granite and mortar floors. Wooden floors, laminate floors and metal floors have fast become a rage. As per the new age sensibilities and choices, we offer a vast variety of floorings from some of the most renowned brands from around the world.


Hørning is Denmark's international brand in exclusive, solid hardwood floors. Hørning delivers slot planks and lamelopbyggede floors in high quality with various surfaces. There floors are supplied both for floating assembly and installation on joists. The slot boards are of exclusive broad quality with extra wear layer and an extra strong construction.

Castro & Filhos

Principally engaged in the processing of wood for the production of solid wood flooring, Castro & Filhos imports raw materials of African, American and European origin. Using the most advanced technological processes in the market, they are then dried to give the floors, the ultimate quality they are known for.


The international panorama of valuable wooden floor knows the name ‘Berti’ like none other. Nobody else offers Parquet and Lamparquet floors matched to their quality. Innovative manufacturing techniques, very advanced systems, polishing, varnishing and antiquing make them produce some of the world’s best wood for floors.


Highly aesthetic, code-compliant flooring solutions in hardwoods, luxury vinyls and stones are the forte of ASI Flooring. A whole collection of engineered and solid hard-woods in varied thicknesses, species, and finishes can lend the floor of any project the ultimate finesse.

Gage- Metal Floorings

A variety of interior environments require metal flooring systems for a rustic yet classy feel. Gage metal flooring solutions are just apt for any such environment and can be installed over any moderately level substrate.


STP is a name known for its many years of research and experimentation. They lay the best of floors with the finest wood. Premium textures and finishes in a variety of options are all available in STP. Special placement and original combinations available in different thicknesses facilitate restructuring with finesse.

We at NLDK love to say that the floors we lay reflect characteristics of live and breathing wood and offer unique and unmatched ambience. Through associations with globally acclaimed brands, we bring home a myriad of variety of floorings that can add a touch of class and elegance to your personal, retail or commercial space.