Luxury Furniture

The charm, the magical appeal, esoteric references and decorative elements combined with sophistication of materials is what leads to the birth of a piece of luxury.

The brands we supply are an embodiment of luxury. We fill your home with furniture that oozes with spectacular splendor.

We at NLDK offer some of the world’s most classy and exclusive brands.


Excellence in quality and unique designs, based on Italian made details are the secret behind Minotti’s recognition in international market. Detailing and finishing that translate to exuberant style, bring to life even the plainest of spaces.

Molteni & C

Committed to offering unmatched products and services, Molteni & C. is best bought through authorized dealers who can offer high-quality design and after-sale services.

IPE Cavalli

Since 1959, IPE Cavalli has been manufacturing complements of ‘high-design’ meant to sooth aesthetic sensibilities and visions.


Longhi is strictly committed to providing contemporary lifestyle solutions. Their constantly updated collection not just provides you pieces of furniture, but things that ooze with style and class.