Solid Wood

The definition of solid wood is a little different from what a layman usually knows and understands. The term solid wood is used to distinguish between ordinary lumber and engineered wood. It is made by binding together wood strands, fibers or veneers. So, if you are looking for any of the following solid wood types, land at NLDK and be assured that you’ll get the most genuine and best available. We at NLDK have the best of

Oak- Timeless classic is the phrase that best defines Oak. From furniture to floors, it is suitable for all your elite tastes and preferences.

Beech- Strong and attractive, Beech wood is pale in color but can be stained to a variety of colors for you to select from.

Walnut- Walnut is a hardwood used most commonly in making furniture as well as flooring. Generally, it has a straight grain, which becomes slightly wavy at the roots.

Wenge- Dark coloration and interesting figures constitute what is called Wenge. It is a wood with a mystic feel that has been used in Africa for centuries to pay homage to gods.

Teak- Lovely to behold, strong, and resistant to fungus- teak is a classic. Suitable for all purposes, it is every craftsman’s first love.

Ash- Stylish and tough, Ash is good for floors and doors. The wood is white to cream in color.

Sycamore- Simple, sturdy, and elegant – these are the words that come to mind when we think about Sycamore. It is also a great choice for flooring.