NLDK has an incredibly wide range of exotic natural wood veneers, burls and curls from the forests world over. We have some of the finest wood panels that could suffice all your paneling requirements, in Teak, Rosewood, Mahogony, Beech, Maple, and Oak among others.

All the pieces of these panels and veneers are individually selected ones meant to satisfy exacting standards of modern interior design.

We at NLDK lay special emphasis on aesthetic appeal and thus offer a wide range of panels and veneers in different shades to match the choice and sensibilities of our wide range of customers and their respective purposes. Customized wood panels, made to order are our specialty.

We make them to suit the individual customer requirements. Our effort is always to provide the best of texture in panels and veneers so that the finished product offers the same look and dimension from all sides.

Veneers give the final touch to products and so they need to be the best in quality. We understand this and thus lay special emphasis on procuring veneers of a single kind that are similar in color and texture.